"As a physician I was not sure that this book would apply to me. However, I enjoyed this book immensely! Garf writes in a concise easy to read format using high-yield information. This book applies to both my personal and professional life and I have been able to use many of his tips with success, especially when dealing with difficult people or situations. Whether communicating with one person or many, this book will assist in many every day situations for you.

I highly recommend it!
Thanks, Garf."
-Eduardo Cepeda MD

Book Reviews for Persuasive Communication

How to Improve Communication Skills - Persuasive Communication

“I have experienced success, growth and improved relationships both with my clients as well as in my personal life.” Richard Hucke

“Maynard Garfield is the ultimate trainer.” Jim Williams

“He is truly the best teacher I have had in the past 30 years. Maybe 40.” Brent Jones